We realized really quickly that our whole team really enjoys listening to music from using a listening party on Spotify, creating collaborative playlists, to sharing music with our friends. We also noticed that horoscopes have been really trendy on social media and that a lot of people like to read their daily horoscopes. We wanted to combine these two into a website that allows you to find new music based off of your daily horoscope.

What it does

Once you enter your birthday, it will automatically find your horoscope and daily message. Then, it will find a playlist based off the mood off your daily horoscope!

How we built it

We took in the birth month and birth date and correlated it to their astrological sign. From there, we passed it into a horoscope API where we got the daily horoscope for that sign. Then, we did an emotional analysis of the horoscope to determine the emotion of the message. Based on the emotion and what the user should be feeling that day, a catered playlist is generated for the user's mood.

Challenges we ran into

Learning that HTML and Python can't merge so we had to download extensions to solve it. We also had to learn how to host our own server and make API calls using JavaScript.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to clutch it at the end!

What we learned

It was cool to learn how to connect Python with HTML. We also learned how to host our own server.

What's next for Songscope

Adding a more social aspect to Songscope by being able to view your friend's daily playlists.

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