As it was our first hackathon, we wanted to make something simple and beautiful. The idea was to create something small and then add to it more and more if we have time. As the result, our project has a lot of small bits that are responsible for different parts of it.

What it does

It connects to via it's API and plays a song. While the song is on, the app translates some song's data (frequencies, volume) to the website which does some visual effects which depend on the sent data.

How we built it

Our code is 90-95% javascript. It was sort of a challenge for us as we both did not have a lot of experience in js. We picked it on purpose as hackathons are about learning, are not they ?

Challenges we ran into

Stay awake for 35 hours

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to split our work so both of us had stuff to do all the time. Also, we are satisfied with the result, it is way better than we expected.

What we learned

Lots of javascript !

What's next for Songs from Spotify

We plan at least to clean the code. Also, a login page can be made as soon as Spotify allows to play full songs from other websites. By now, a link that contains the version which was submitted on Hack the Holidays 2 is attached.

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