Sonder alleviates the major barriers to networking by using a Tinder-esk matching system. Tinder has revolutionized how people connect with each other, optimizing the process down to a simple swipe. This has allowed people to express their interest and receive a response not only quickly, but also (and arguably most importantly) painlessly. Through this system, an individuals will no longer have to spend hours relentlessly researching a potential contact and constructing a long winded email only to still be waiting on a reponse weeks later. Now both parties will have a much more streamlined experience reading through a brief “skin and bone” professional profile of each user. With a simple swipe, users can now express interest in meeting each other in seconds. This system guarantees high response rate, reduces time invested, and limits the friction that arises through rejection. 
Additionally, creating a platform where all users are seeking to same goal of meeting other users dramatically improves matching success rate. Similar to 10thousandcoffees, Sonder provides a streamlined platform allowing users to set up one on one meetings, thereby bypassing the chaotic 20:1 student to professional ratio present in many networking events. 
Added on functions such as calendar integration to simplify meeting scheduling or putting a cap on requested meetings per week to ensure “hot” candidates aren’t swarmed, all work toward Sonder’s basic goal of simply making effective networking easier. 

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