NwHacks 2019:

Product Idea: An app that crowd-sources group recommendations for songs in a live location.

Be it a restaurant, a club, etc, the app will detect your tastes in music based on your Spotify preferences and send it to the receiving end, which will control the music that is being played in the room.

Target Audience: Young adults (early-mid 20’s) who go out on a constant basis and wish to have their favorite songs playing all night long.

What is the problem? Bars and nightclubs have been having trouble with choosing what music to play. Many venues heavily rely on a standardized corporate playlist that has worked consistently, but that doesn’t necessarily meet customer satisfaction. Frequent visitors have been saying that they are unhappy with the music being played and (in the case of a bar), the DJ never plays any of their song recommendations.

What if… There was a way of controlling the music based on the visiting crowd, would it increase customer satisfaction? How happy does a person feel when they hear their favorite song at a club? How better would they say their night was when all of their friends are having fun listening to their favorite music? How would business be impacted by playing music that people like the most?

What wows? Being able to crowd-source a music playlist by personal preferences and location so that bars & nightclubs can play music that is catered for the audience that is playing.

What works? Spotify playlists are pretty accurate at being functional, but they normally don’t offer enough customization.


  • Playlist generator based on the people who are around you.
  • By entering your preferences and tastes (possibly even link up Spotify), venues will generate better music


  • Download app
  • Log in (Facebook)
  • Asks for preferences
  • Loads preferences
  • Homepage screen
  • Automatically suggests songs to venue

How can the venue measure performance metrics?

  • With new data the system can get better at predicting what music people want to listen to.

CODE HERE https://github.com/cara-wong/SonaShare

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