Enjoy an exploration of fantastic dreamscapes accompanied by an energetic futuristic soundtrack composed by one of hiphop's newest exciting emerging producers: Wiseman from the Highlands. Experience an adventure of stunning visuals inspired by surrealism and sci fi pop art. Push the boundaries of visual perception with optical illusions combined with VR immersion.

Level 1: Lucid Lounge Level 2: Holographic Mirrors Level 3: Wardenclyffe Level 4: NanoHive Collision Level 5: Quantum Utopia

I envisioned this as a modern art piece using cutting edge VR tech as the medium. As many people are still new to the entire experience, I wanted to inspire others to feel the same way I felt when first going "in there" by creating something fantastic and symbolic of the pioneering into the future aspect we are all apart of. It is designed to function similar to an amusement park ride.
Running Time: 12min:45sec

Built With

  • akai-controller
  • c#
  • coffee
  • maudio
  • propellorhead's-reason
  • unity
  • waves-audio
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