The hackathon project we propose is an interactive spatial ideation tool enabling users to create, visualize, connect, organize, store and share ideas of different formats (text, images, audio, videos, 3D models and so forth) in a comprehensive yet efficient and natural way in mixed reality. Furthermore, this tool carries the potential of supporting a shared experience of frictionless remote group discussion and collaboration. Through this project, we hope to redefine the ideation process as we know it.

Traditional means of ideation usually involves real-world whiteboarding and 2D media like laptop and smartphone. The real-world whiteboarding goes with the advantage of allowing natural and expressive freehand drawing, which is a convenient and intimate experience. However, it's constrained to the requirement of attendees' physical presence and inability to support rich media like image, audio, video and so on. By using a laptop or smartphone, a user can exploit media of different types as carriers of their ideas whereas screen-based digital tools suffer from their inherited disadvantage, a limited canvas, when displaying information at a large scale as well as the lack of expressiveness.

Our mixed reality ideation tool combines the merits of the two traditional means and brings it to a new level. Firstly, it provides users with an infinite canvas to create and display ideas in the space in any way they want. Also, users can make connections between notes and organize ideas in different media formats to create a map of ideas through a set of intuitive and efficient spatial interactions utilizing different input sources. Further down the line, it paves the way for a revolutionary remote collaborative ideation.

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