Life is so busy working out where to get next needs a bit of reminding. When you get used to a busy life and suddenly have a moment to have a divergent thought, or just know the best use of time.

What it does

Currently, just being friendly providing oblique strategy suggestions when you ask for the plan and help divergent thinking. Really it should become the all round strategist that can provide actionable suggestions.

How I built it

With Alexa skills

Challenges I ran into

Setting up took longer than I thought (they always do!) and the skill didn't sync to my app for a while.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

First time exposure to Alexa, ASK and AWS

What I learned

Alexa, ASK and AWS deployment, workflow and configuration.

What's next for AlexaPlanner

To connect up with calendar and location and give more actionable suggestions.

Built With

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