My friend often told me they wished they had something to keep them motivated/focused on her classes during online school, and then I saw a tree. It reminded me of the concept of growth and progress. With this idea in mind I thought of the idea of what if when we finished school work this tree would get taller as a sign of achievement. However not everyone loves trees, so something that people are generally really addicted to comes to mind, games. So the idea of work and reward was born.

What it does:

Helps students study and learn while having fun. Ranking system with friends for extra competition to enrich your learning experience. Upon finishing a section of a quiz or work the website creates a reward will appear in the game, this helps students using the website stay engaged and motivated.

How we built it:

We first thought of the layout of the website, and following the layout, we used HTML and CSS to slowly create it while learning.

Challenges we ran into:

Between our 4 teammates we have members who live in 3 different time zones. Not enough skills/knowledge to fully understand and follow through with project ideas. Setting up a webserver for the first time. Time was the biggest concern considering we have to learn everything we do within the time frame of the hackathon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

None of us knew any HTML prior to the event, however we managed to learn in a short period of time and create the project. We managed to cooperate with members from across the world. We created our first website using HTML. We are proud of the distribution of work as every member of our team has contributed an equal amount.

What we learned:

Throughout the hackathon together we had learned how to use HTML and CSS, as well as enhance our collaboration skills to work as a team. We also learnt a bit of each other's languages that we speak like Mandarin, Cantonese and Serbian.

What's next for Learning reward system:

Adding further content to the website, like games, quizzes, personalized accounts and a friends system.


We are very grateful for meeting each other and plan to stay in touch and do activities together in the future!

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