Investigation of the claim that product of quantum information channels of zero classical information capacity can have nonzero information capacity through a asymmetric coupling of entangled noise.

What it does

We have implemented both a classical analogue and a working version of the theoretically predicted quantum channel with a 2 level quantum bit system and transmitted information through this composite channel. Further, our numerical results for the channel capacity agree with the theoretically predicted values of channel capacity as a function of the entanglement coefficient.

How I built it

Python for the basic stuff, Perl for some data generation, Flask as backend to interactive web app, Javascript for web app.

Challenges I ran into

This exercise is non-trivial and required large amounts of reading and yielded many failed iterations.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works and exhibits the desired properties the bit-to-pixel abstraction makes things easy to visualize and see. Have not found any similar attempts.

What I learned

Some amount of QIT, and other things.

What's next for Something from nothing. Information & Quantum Channels.

Higher dimensions, more general alphabets.

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