We had really challenging times during the COVID 19 pandemic. We were stuck around and getting bored. So, we tried to blend in with the theme of this hackathon which is games and hacks with the COVID tips and must-knows by making an interesting trivia kinda game that you play and learn about staying safe from COVID.

What it does

It's basically a web-app that you get into and play. It asks you certain questions and you are given 4 options. You need to choose the right one. And when you do that you get points and you get to know a COVID trivia. So, take up this quiz and find out whether you're ready to step out of your house or not. You can also unlock cool in-game masks by collecting points for yourself. Last but not the least, you even get a COVID tracker to find out the COVID cases in your country. Time to play now!

How we built it

The application was the product of the concerted efforts of all the team members. Hailing from different domains and backgrounds in technology, the members were divided to deploy front-end and backend parts. Through all the brainstorming sessions, meetings, suggestions, improvisations, and voice chats we were able to create an application in React.

Challenges we ran into

The coordination and the endeavors of the team were not stifled by members participating from different time zones. We ran into technical problems, had to manually enter questions in JSON, work our way around the front-end to make the website look more appealing, and manage the backend part by testing the questions on Heroku.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were eventually successful in building an application that is theme-based and relevant, with respect to the current scenario of the pandemic.

What we learned

The hackathon taught us to work in a team and hone our communication, critical thinking, and leadership skills besides our technical skills.

What's next for Something Cooking up

We are looking forward to adding more in-game contents and unlockables with different difficulty levels and user profiles being saved and updated as they progress through the game.

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