What started as a service to notify hospitals of incoming emergency patients as early as possible, turned into a much-needed refresh on old technology. Historically LifeAlert has always been the well known monitoring service for our older generation at comes to mind anytime someone says "I've fallen and I can't get up!". Our updated take on this one button technology utilizes a Tessel to send notifications via the Twillio API. With three buttons instead of one, we aim to minimize the amount of very expensive false calls to ambulatory services by allowing three levels of aid request. The first button sends a text or recorded call to a selected group of nearby friends and family or emergency services that can assist the person in need for free. The second button posts an alert to a wider grouping of people via social media notifications. The third will notify emergency services of the need for help, and submit an estimated time-to-arrival of emergency services to the patient, or the patient to the emergency room. In addition to these basic functions, SomeoneHelp also monitors activity levels throughout the day to graph historical trends of movement which can directly relate to how someone is feeling (pain, dizziness, healthy, etc.) This motion tracker can also send alerts if the care subject has been motionless for too long or has a sudden drop in activity levels in order to get help at the earliest warning sign. (! Note: website url: www.someonehelp.me is not accepted as a valid url on challengepost !)

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