Sleep occupies 33% of the average human life. The problem unfortunately is that sleep is largely misunderstood and often quality of sleep suffers. We wanted to solve this problem in a non-contact, completely autonomous, intelligent device that the user can just "set and forget".

The recent consumerization of FLIR Systems's thermal sensor module called the Lepton is a remarkable feat of technology, bring high resolution thermal imagery at a consumer price point. We decided to leverage the fact that thermal sensors are following a Moore's Law-like trend whereby the prosumer, higher resolution technology is reaching the consumer.

From this higher resolution, we chose to extrapolate the richness of data that will eventually influence many industries -- in our case, to solve the problem of sleep monitoring.

Our solution combines a Lepton module, interfaced with a Raspberry Pi via C++, and transmitted via wifi to a Node.js--based setup. Finally, the data collected is rendered and processed in an OpenCV-like fashion to create meaningful conclusions about the user's sleep behavior as well as various other health metrics. By combining this software platform with an easily bedroom-deployable form factor (that attaches to any light bulb socket), we have created a user-friendly product that monitors and ensures good sleep.

In addition, the product is interfaced with various IoT devices via our API, for example, in our demo, we actuate a heater to keep the user warm at certain sleep conditions / disturbances; also, we wake up the user using a light bulb in a manner that is customized to the particular user.

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