Inspiration: Day after day perfectly good produce goes to waste simply because we loose track of it, in an effort to help cut make on wasting food we create on app that helps you stay on top of what is and isn't in your fridge. During your busy day to day schedule your app will keep tabs on which foods are going to go bad soon and prompt you to use them in a meal.

What it does: This app allows you to access live, secure footage of your fridge 24/7, as well as keeps tabs on what is actually in your fridge. The freshness of everything that is in your fridge will be accounted for and as your food begins to approach its expiration date the app will pull up recipes and encourage you to use those foods before they go bad.

How we built it: We build this app using xamarin as we our both very familiar C# and fell as if Microsoft has great documentation. We did you some hardware, but unfortunately it did not go as planned. We ended up having to hook up one of our phones to create the live video feed, but had we had a working spycam we would not have needed the phone.

Challenges we ran into: We run into many issues with xamarin, despite Microsoft documentation xamarin is extremely difficult to work with and hard to find help with as it is so new and most people opt for android studios for android dev. We also had a lot of difficult working with our hardware. We went thought three different cameras, an arduino, and a dragon board, just to find that all of our cameras where broken. This left us with nothing left to use but our phone, and the live stream is one of the selling point of this app so we needed to make it happen.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: We are very proud of taking the time to finally figure out xamarin and get a function app, as well as sticking with our idea to create a livestream.

What we learned: We learned a lot about hardware and xamarin over the past 36 hours, despite our struggles we stuck it out and managed to pull together a proof of concept.

What's next for Some Cool Produce: Some Cool Produce will me expanding and we plan on bringing machine learning into this app, and teaching the camera how to update your shopping list for you. We also plan on allowing the user to input their diet and the app will only pull up recipes with in their diets.

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