I've had a long issue with sports injuries. I've been sent to physical therapy and it was super difficult to fit into my schedule. This led me to slack off and led me to get re-injured. Expect this time I needed to get surgery. After surgery it was aggressive PT again. I wasn't able to make all the appointments and keep up with the exercises. Once COVID hit, I stopped even thinking about PT appointments. There are many Americans like me who need to keep up with their physical therapy but don't want to put themselves in danger. That's why I built Somatic.,41787


The uses for this technology are huge for even after covid. 80% of PT appointments are missed because they are so inconvenient. 2/3rds of back and neck injuries can be prevented with physical therapy. It's a huge driver of MSK costs for companies. Our tech solves this problem with just a webcam or cell phone.

What it does

Uses tensor flow body poser model to map out limbs. Uses some high school trig to find the angle between the limbs and check if we did a specific exercise.

How I built it

Used React on the frontend with node.js on the backend. Hosted on Firebase.

Challenges I ran into

Getting the body poser model onto react

What's next for Somatic

Use Facebook's body poser system to translate the pose into 3d. Do the computer vision part on the cloud instead of on the users device so we have better accuracy. Use AWS Kinesis to do all this.

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