As a fashion designer, it can be easy to lose sight of how integral color theory is when designing a garment. Often by simply adjusting the color palette of a collection, the most drab looking garment can be transform into a classy and clean piece. I took my inspiration from this concept as a way to introduce color theory and color psychology into the retail experience. Color psychology dictates the way humans interpret color and color association. Understanding your own color psychology and the way you present yourself has numerous benefits both socially and aesthetically, from job interviews to first dates.

What it does

The SomaPalette app interface allows users to test their color analysis right from their smart phone using a few basic supplies and self observational skills. Each user receives a personalized color palette based on complexion undertones, eye color, and hair color. From their palette, users can explore an online retail experience tailored to their color palette, tastes, and current trends.

What's next for SomaPalette

This program has lots of potential for expansion within the retail field. In the future I would like to see this app accomplish a couple of things:

  • optimize shopping filters such as brand, price, and availability
  • integrate GPS location for use within real time shopping experiences
  • analyze purchase patterns among consumers to predict the most likely sales
  • provide a retailing contract for companies looking to showcase their products

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