We all learned more efficiently by engaging our passion than by being told what to learn in a non-flexible curriculum.

What it does

It allows anyone to testify to their own knowledge, search personalized learning paths (almost shipped!) and review resources and challenge spam reviews (make money by acting as node in a decentralized spam system)

How we built it

Using a tech stack of a distributed db together with smart contracts and a centralized read-only algorithm

Challenges we ran into

Git erasing our data, tired (still tired), css, distributed db

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Secure smart contracts, distributed DB, beautiful UI.

What we learned

Matt: Back-end takes longer than expected Dom: Front-end takes longer than I expected Alex: git reflog is a life-saver Albert: Pineapple is really sweet

What's next for Solvio

We will turn our app into the basis of a global decentralized education system that will allow anyone to learn anything in any way they want AND get efficient credentials for it

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