Problem solving is a huge part of engineering, science, and life. It can also be a lot of fun. So much research has been done on different strategies for problem solving and how to approach creativity. This information is very useful, but can be hard for a K-12 student to understand and implement.

We wanted to empower K-12 students to work through a robust design process without needing a design background. Our website leverages concepts including "the 5 why's" and root cause analysis (RCA) to drive divergent thinking. We then use principles of combining ideas and selecting the best ones to hone in on the single best solution.

Since we do the heavy lifting in the design process department, users are able to focus on creativity by answering questions that guide them along this path.

How we built it

We built SolvingSpace during HackGT 6. We had 36 hours to complete it (don't worry, we slept!).

We worked with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to build the entire site.

Our data structure is a fancy tree that may converge at some levels.

Challenges we ran into

Designing an interface to engage students of all ages.

Using a library for our data structure which had a faulty search method. Took a while to iron that one out.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having a complete product that looks nice & functions!

What we learned

How to work as a team and define interfaces for UI/UX and data structures.

What's next for SolvingSpace

Publish to the internet & deploy to students around the world.

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