About our team

The name of our team is 1342. Our team consists of 2 people: Huseyn Aliyev and Rasul Aliyev. Huseyn Aliyev is a programmer. All he needs is an idea and time to create the mobile application or website he wants. Rasul Aliyev, the project manager, is also a market researcher. Give Rasul the project you want, let him prepare a business plan in one day, tell him whether he will work or not, and how much he will earn.

⦁ About our new project that named “Solve Tougether” .

As we know, many people have unresolved problems. We thought that if we could identify people that have problems , we would be able to help them and ensure that people looking for ideas could come up with ideas. İn this point of view, we said that we should create a mobile application that will help solve the problems of people, as well as those who are looking for ideas from the problems. With this in mind, we have created the SolveTogether application for you. So you can register for this application in 2 ways:

⦁ As a problem writer

⦁ Problem solver

Registration as a problem writer is free. You can register as a problem writer and share a picture or video about the problem you want. For every 1,000 views of a photo or video you share, you'll earn 50 cents and 1$ for 500 likes. However, to solve the problem, you have to pay $ 4 to register. You need a paypal account or credit card to register. After registering, you can look at the problems and come up with ideas to solve them. For example : Lucy registers as a person with a problem. Lucy doesn't have fingers, and she takes a picture of her fingers and shares it in the app. Mike is registered as a problem solver. So while he is looking at the problems in the application, he accidentally looks at Lucy's fingers and thinks of fixing the robot fingers. So Lucy finds a solution to her problem, and Mike finds a new startup. Thus, thanks to this application, both those who have problems found someone to solve their problems, and those who have ideas found ideas.

Marketing research

Let's identify the keywords of this application and look at how many searches of those words have been searched on Google in the last 12 months. ⦁ Solve problems:


Idea :

As can be seen from the tables, an average of 75 people conduct research on this topic every week. This means that the application will be downloaded by an average of 15 people a week.

⦁ Competitors and the crowd we want to have.

You may be wondering why social media is their rival or what are the similarities between this application and social media? First of all, I would like to say that this is a new idea, there is no application on the market that does the same thing. However, there are applications that have similar functions to this application. Examples are Facebook or Instagram. Now let's look at the similarities and differences of SolveTogether mobile application with social media, its advantages and why they will download this application.

Competitors – Social media.

The SolveTogether application is superior to the 4 problems listed in the table above. So we shared a picture on social media (my phone's screen breaks often), and I only liked and liked it. It is true that some of the opinions would be useful if we waited for a while, but they were very few and they only expressed opinions. Thus, we gave 1 point for solving the problems of social media in the 10-point system. We evaluated the finding of problems with 8 points. Because social media also has pictures of people's problems, but it is difficult to separate them because there is other information. However, people who solve problems in our application can find problems easier only because they look at the problems. When it comes to people with problems, social media rarely helps them. However, problem solvers in our application are more likely to solve problems because they always see problems. For this reason, we gave 1 point to the 3rd column. As for the 4th column, it is difficult and time consuming to find people's problems on social media, so it was almost impossible to extract ideas from people's problems on social media.

⦁ The mass that will use this application.

When we did a survey on Facebook, we found that 1 million people shared their problems in their daily lives. This figure was equal to 100 million on Instagram. This means that 101 million people need to share their problems in the SolveTogether mobile application. Now let's move on to those looking for ideas. The total number of people looking for ideas on the two social networks was 250 million. From this it can be concluded that SolveTogether will come to the application to find at least 200 million ideas from this mass. In total, about 300 million people will come to the application SolveTogether from the social network.

⦁ How will we sell our product?

⦁ We opened the page on social media before sharing the application Playstore and Appstore.

⦁ We will test the mobile application for 1 month. Thanks to this, there will be no errors and omissions in the application, and as a result, a large number of users will give 5 stars. Due to the high rating of the application, it is seen by the editors of Playstore and Appstore and is recommended to more users.

⦁ We create a website. As a result, the editors will understand that we are a serious company and will direct our application to more people.

⦁ We will advertise on YouTube.

⦁ We will also advertise on instagram and facebook

⦁ We will find festivals and present our project to as many people as we can at festivals.

We have opened a you tube channel and we will upload videos of our application there.

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