My inspiration came from what Developers are arguing about not able to get solution to bugs/errors and lack of proper passing of events informations...etc

What it does

Solvent Developers Forum{SDF} is a multi functional developers forum developed basically to help developers connect, bridge the gap of lack of information on events and to provide solution to bugs/errors in various languages faster

How I built it

Using html, css, php, javascript, jquery, mysql, Facebook account kit, facebook analytics.

Challenges I ran into

Responsiveness, Notifications, and adding of various languages that the forum can support

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am most proud of myself in the aspect that i encountered an error i didn't get the answer from stack overflow nor google but i solved it within an hour of debugging... and that was really encouraging for me.

What I learned

I learnt that its not just about developing a product its about how that great idea/product impact the lives of others that is what matters not the income you will be getting.

What's next for Solvent Developers Forum

Wow... SDF will be getting so many upgrades if we win the hack-day challenge because i know developers would want to work on expanding this forum to various part of the world......

"Since we had just 2 weeks to develop so there are still few errors like unable to link to login and sign up page."

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