Solved! Online

Solved Online is a traditional jigsaw puzzle game. We created over 50 puzzles to be solved and then created an adventure feature that could be expanded in the future.

Aurora is integrated using EVM and is used for NFT utility and in-game purchases. We converted the game from traditional Web2 using Facebook and Google to a Web3 user authentication system. Solved Online also doesn't use or store cookies, email, or any user identifying data.

How I built it

Starting with modern HTML5, PHP, and javascript technology and using Moralis and MetaMask as the auth system.

Challenges I ran into

Technical design was the biggest challenge. Adding complex functionality with fine mouse control in HTML and integrating it with Moralis to create a seamless user experience. Browser compatibility was also a challenge. Many advanced techniques were not possible due to a lack of support in some browsers.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have a solid base to build an engaging web3 game. All of the core features have been tested in several modern browsers for compatibility.

What's next for Solved! Online

We will be adding more content and features in the future as demand grows.

  • More NFT content and leaderboards
  • PvP Challenges and tournaments -108 piece puzzles
  • and suggestions from our players

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