What it does

Solvatar is a customizable and interactive on-chain appearance for your wallet which is meant to be a next generation Gravatar for both on- and off-chain appearances.

Each Solvatar is a character that can be dressed and styled with 5 different items including: Hair, Top, Bottom, Shoes and Accessories. Once a Solvatar is created, it will be bound to your wallet forever so it will not tradable and cannot be burned. However, each outfit item is an independent NFT that is tradable and is meant to be collected.

The ultimate goal is to create a social platform for identities on-chain (addresses), to enable users to customize their appearance and to allow users to communicate with each other without any linkage to the real world.

We hate to be "YET ANOTHER NFT PROJECT", but we think we are unique for a couple of reasons:

  1. Your Solvatar is a unique and interactive NFT as you are able to change its appearance (e.g. name, bio, emotion and outfit) after initially minting the NFT.
  2. It is basically free (0.02 SOL to cover the minting and transaction costs) to mint a Solvatar as we want everyone to be able to own and interact with an on-chain version of themselves.
  3. We want to make a social platform that enables on-chain identities (addresses) to communicate without any linkage to real world identity.

Challenges we ran into

We had quite a few challenges along the way! For starters our team was founded by 6 people who didn't know each other before this hackathon and who live in three (quite different) time zones. Next to that our frontend developer never used React before and our backend developer never did anything with either crypto or blockchain before. So as a team we needed to overcome a massive learning curve while trying to build our idea.

We also needed to adjust our initial idea a couple of times because of the limitations and constraints that come with running a program on-chain. Mainly the fact that a fully dressed Solvatar is composed out of 6 individual NFTs and that we wanted to offer the outfits as randomized sets of 5 NTFs gave use a lot of headaches and required us to really think out of the box to find solutions for certain requirements.

In the end we did need to make a few small adjustments to our initial idea, but in general we managed to keep very very close to what we initially intended and were able to keep everything we've build 100% on-chain without the need for any additional backend infra.

What's next for Solvatar

Direct Message Ever suffered from being unable to contact the owner of an address? We plan to add a messaging infrastructure that allows you to send and receive messages with anyone owning a Solvatar.

Gaming Experience We are working on making a 2D gaming experience in which Solvatarians are able to walk around, hang out with each other and play little "in-game" games.

Virtual House A virtual house for your Solvatar to live in where you can invite others and where you can display any NFT pieces that you own by dragging them onto a picture frame hanging on your wall.

More outfit items We will consistently release more unique outfit item according to the Solvatar Community preferences and growth.

Solvatar DAO The community will be granted the power to decide outfit item to be released or brought back, features to be released and participate in important decisions about the future direction of the project.

NFT Marketplace We plan to have our very own Solvatar Hall where Solvatarians can trade any Solana NFT pieces they own.

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