The Digital era is here, but there are still digital as well as paper documents around us carying essential information for our business processes. We wanted to create a simple and efficient solution, which will enable users to edit digital documents or scan paper documents and embed them as easy as possible into the workOS.

What it does

Soluma WebScan is an application which can be used as a widget inside a Board or Pulse View. It offers ables document separation, document editing and document scanning processesing compatible with all TWAIN compliant document scanners. Documents can be sent directly to the WorkOS with just a click. The document redaction feature allows you to remove any sensitive data from document while the split document feature gives you the opportunity to create two or more documents out of one document page. Other cool features like:

  1. Batch scanning features
  2. Barcode separation
  3. Document indexing
  4. Drag&Drop functionality to adjust page order within documents
  5. Document compression features
  6. Multi language support
  7. Mobile device web scanning capabilities (no mobile app required)

How we built it

There are two main components. The Soluma WebScan server component with web based GUI developed with ViewGS. Another component used in the solution is a local component installed on a local computer, where WebScan is executed. A websocket communication channel is established within the server component and the local component. That makes the solution resilient for connectivity and security related issues. All documents are stored instorage until they are exported to after editing and redaction. At the moment the local component is developed for Windows OS only.

Challenges we ran into

Main efforts were put into keeping it simple and efficient.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Great feedback from current users.

What's next for Soluma WebScan

  • Develop WebScan for Linux and MacOS
  • Add zonal OCR extraction capabilities

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