Solana is very different from other Blockchains. In Solana, a Transaction can include multiple Instructions at once. For example, if users wanted to send a batch of ERC20 token to multiple accounts. They need a contract deployed on chain, approve that contract to access their token, but these step cost lots of gas and may encounter security problems.

However in Solana's protocol design, there is a very easy way to transfer tokens to multiple accounts. Our tool put multiple Instructions together in one Transaction, we provides Tricks for end-users to build there own Transactions.

What is SolTricks

We aggregate different Dapps into one interface, makes Solana more easy to use and improve UX. Beside Dapps other created, we make our own program to fix some issue on Solana, we now have developed a dust recycling system. We are going to make a Flash-Loan tool that is easy for any user, make moving collateral easy. You can make your own Transaction that fits your need.

What do we built?

Our website just get redesigned, using state machine to manage Accounts, Balance, and more. This make our interface more compact and fast. We rewrite the Instruction queuing system, it's now more flexible. New balance changed system is now integrated, know how much the Transaction will cost before sending it. New dust recycling system can clean token dusts in your wallets, you buy a lottery ticket to get rid of those annoying tokens. It's not just giving out those tokens, you have the chance to win the whole bin of dusts.

Challenges we ran into

Solana ecosystem is now in a very early stage, there is not much document and code for us to learn. At the beginning, we found out that lots of projects didn't release their code for their program. It's very hard for us to integrate Dapps, we need to guess what a program need and try lots of times. But now, there are more code open soured, we can add Dapps more easily, making our interface more powerful.

What's next for SolTricks?

  • Collaborate with other projects.
  • Build Flash-Loan support.
  • Serum stop loss order.

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