I were inspired by a famous tip bot, is a really great bot and has lots of features and lots of coins already available there. But unfortunately, doesn't support Solana Blockchain yet so that's what inspired me to create a tip bot that supports Solana Blockchain.

After I observed, Discord is the second largest Solana community after Twitter. Discord is like home to the Solana community. Discord also inspires me because of its fast API response and easy to build bots.

What it does

SolTip AI is the fastest on-chain tip bot allows you to send tip through your favorite social media. Reduce the risk of delivery errors and make it easier for you to send tips by simply mentioning or replying to someone's message.

Every user who wants to use this bot must create a wallet/import their wallet so that the bot can identify. Users can send an SPL token without having to bother opening a wallet and typing a destination address. They can easily send just by typing a command from this bot. For example :

$tip SOL 10 @james

The bot will process the command and will send 10 SOL to @james. James will also receive notification on his dm about the tip.

How we built it

SolTip AI is built with node.js and web3.js. I choose node.js because it is very powerful. There are also discord.js and web3.js libraries available in node.js, making it easier for us to realize this bot with these libraries.

Challenges we ran into

I am practically new to this. I am new to node.js maybe 2 months ago and web3.js about 3 weeks ago. It's a challenge I face because I don't know much and it makes us have to work hard to understand.

But all of that doesn't matter, I am people who like something new and have a desire to learn about it so that this project can be completed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I can finish this project in a short time. As of this submission, this bot has 1000 users and has collaborated with several SPL tokens that have been listed on the bot.

What we learned

I understand more and more about how Solana Blockchain works and about web3.js which is the future.

What's next for SolTip AI

SolTip AI has great potential so I have to keep developing it. This bot makes it easy for users to send SPL tokens. Next update:

  1. Token Swap, users can easily swap their SPL tokens using this bot.
  2. NFTs Tip, Solana is currently exploding about NFTs and I also want to participate in it by making this bot able to send NFTs easily.
  3. Launched on Twitter and Telegram

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