SolSurvivor is an NFL Survivor Pool featuring NFTs that are minted as contest entries and evolve each week you advance. The NFTs evolve depending on the holder's selections in the pool. Each week the holder selects a team that wins, the NFT advances and evolves a new trait. The rarer the selection in the pool, the rarer the new NFT trait.

If you win, the rarity of your NFTs new trait is determined by how many other participants selected the same team in the same week. For example, if 200 people selected the Cardinals in week 9, all those entries would receive the same trait if the Cardinals won. Conversely, If you were the only person who selected the Dolphins week 9 and won, you would receive a 1/1 trait. If you select a team that loses, you are out of the pool and your NFT will no longer evolve.

How do survivor pools work?

Each week you select one NFL team to win. Once you select a team, you can no longer select them again. If the team you select wins, you advance to the next week. If they lose, you are eliminated. For this contest, your goal is to select a different team to win for 10 straight weeks.

Expanding on Traditional Survivor Pools

A benefit of tokenizing survivor pool entries is these tokens can be bought and sold on secondary marketplaces during the survivor pool. To get maximum leverage out of the ability to buy and sell entries during the tournament, our user authentication is done through token ownership rather than email and password.

2500 SOL Prize Pool

In the spirit of Survivorpools, we plan to award 2500 SOL to the entry/entries that survive the longest.


Playing Survivor Pools as a kid and consistently minting common NFTs

What it does

Complete NFL survivor pool that associates the owner of an NFT token with a user in our DB

How we built it

Phantom, VueJs, NodeJs, Mongo & GCP

Challenges we ran into

Phantom could not integrate with Vue 2, we had to upgrade the app to Vue 3 Solana developer documentation was not complete

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was our first time building on such a new blockchain, we had to be patient and try things that don't work. We were proud not to do decentralization just because it's trendy, but to improve user experience.

What we learned

If you never quit you never fail

What's next for SolSurvivor: NFL NFT Survivor Pool

We want to host NFT survivor pools for more sports and run new pools every year We want to use survivor pools to introduce regular bettors defi We want to develop a DAO so token holders of finished contests still can be involved in the project without having to continue to buy more NFTs.

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posted an update

Over this last week

  • we have talked with lawyers and registered a company in costa rica for mint
  • we have changed the prize to be 75% of mint proceeds rather than a fixed prize pool
  • we have launched a free contest
  • we have finished integrating phantom into our app with our NFTs and today we are finalizing the combination of our demo and our landing page

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