Solstice Plaza

As we work from home, our lives have changed drastically in so many aspects. For students, our college experience has been compromised, both academically and socially. For our fellow University of Florida friends, we've decided to create a little piece of home for those that can't be there in person. We're bringing to life the virtual experience of the Plaza of the Americas and Library West. Using Maya, EchoAR, and Unity, we're setting the scene for the most iconic and friendliest environments on campus! We aim to give students the opportunity to not only appreciate our lovely plaza but to interact with other UF friends in a virtual reality experience like no other!

Most of our team members had never worked with Unity, Maya, or EchoAR before so it was extremely challenging to develop our project as first time users. However, we overcame our challenges and difficulties with lots and lots of patience and the motivation of completing a project we were passionate about.

Overall, this experience was filled with valuable learning and teamwork-building opportunities that have allowed us to grow as coders and individuals in such a short amount of time!

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