All of us have had some sort of issue with waking up. With all of the activities that we have to do, it's hard to find time to fall asleep. We did some reading on sleep quality and found out that waking up with an alarm could be detrimental to our health. There are a ton of daylight alarm clocks, but they were all pretty expensive (and less fun) so we decided to build one for ourselves!

Our project, Solrise, lets people wake up naturally. This is accomplished by unveiling curtains, removing blankets, and providing an artificial sunrise. We also added a few more fun details that we will share later.

The project was mainly built using Arduino and various resources we had avaliable. We didn't really have enough materials to build the project in the most elegant way, but we were able to make due with our resources (duct tape, cups, leftover cardboard boxes) to make a product that was somewhat functional. We made a website using HTML, CSS, JS, and Bootstrap so that we could market our product a bit more.

With that in mind, we ran into a few challenges. Most of these challenges were hardware related: sometimes our hardware would not work the way we expect it to, or something would break overnight. It was difficult for us to find the source of the error, since we could not determine the root cause of it. We also had to learn a lot of new materials (most of our team members have only worked with software, not hardware) which took time.

We are most proud of the experience we had while making our project. We had a lot of fun along the way, we learned more about hardware than what we could ever learn in our classes, we solved (humorously) a problem that we ran into, and we built a tangible product.

Most of what we learned was hardware related: Arduino basics and wiring. With that in mind, we did learn a bit of software related ideas, like building websites and reading through documentation.

Next up for Solrise is to clean up the design: we only had cardboard and duct tape so ideally, we will adjust it with wood, metal, or plastic in order to make it more functional and practical for more people.

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