Inspired by the architectural principles of Le Corbusier. Support for choreographed movement through space that can be scaled with minimal effort

What it does

It provides the flexibility to scale across complex forms without getting tangled. For instance, the interface allows dynamic rendering and validation of forms for *Group policies too. It renders the form iteratively hence the user can fill it at ease

Professional Insurance

How I built it

I implemented the design principles of redux forms. It is built upon components making it the ideal app to be a PWA or a native app. Validations are done on the client side thus avoids any server errors and round trips.

Challenges I ran into

Field Arrays could not be rendered based on the constraints, hence I implemented possible combinations.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Enabling the app as robust and simple despite it is intertwined with knotty objects

What I learned

Redux and its flexibility

What's next for Solorate

FB Messenger app

Built With

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