Blockchain technology brings us technological advantages like transparency and security. Well, these attributes come along with a complex pattern of understanding the blockchain network, initiating the idea of designing Solone. Mainly designed to reduce such complexity and make blockchain more user-friendly and understandable. Solana has given Web3 Solana developers a challenging situation in the decentralized web. To reduce the market gap in the Solana world our team has decided to work on a project that will favor Solana Web3 developers while bringing innovations to this uprising technology.

Our initial inspiration to work on Solana was based on what it was bringing new to the table. By allowing its users to make hefty transactions per second. We firmly believe that the future is blockchain agnostic and blockchains with the most disrupting technology will survive by complementing each other, hence came the idea of Solone.

Solone is a revolutionary platform that helps developers to create Decentralized Applications (DApps) on the Solana Blockchain. This platform is a one-stop application for DApp development where you can find everything in one place, from creating/developing to deploying a DApp on the Solana blockchain.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Solana is a relatively new blockchain, therefore finding tools for Solana was a substantial challenge. The tools and libraries we find over the internet were either very complex to use or not well documented.

  2. Any new project subjected to start and succeed required prior experience and knowledge about the specific technology the project will be based on. But, with Solana, we had no such expertise. We had to figure everything out from scratch and make it more reliable, and identify and cater to every roadblock faced by us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As we know that the blockchain network is constantly evolving and is very complex as well, to break it down and make it easier our product has been divided into different phases. Initially, in Phase 01 we have only focused on developing a strong foundation for Solone with a mission to give the ecosystem a meaningful and one-stop solution to DApp development on Solana Blockchain.

As of now, we have successfully completed the first phase of this project. The highlights of this phase are listed below which we consider being great accomplishments;

  1. Creation of an NPM package. Adding this feature into our platform was a huge accomplishment for us because the creation of an NPM package facility had never been offered on any other platform making it something new, and essential which can only be found on our platform.

  2. View the available and nodes and create instances based on them through our website: Adding this feature was again a huge accomplishment since the technology is rather new, and has not been explored or been worked upon, but we were able to give such a user-friendly feature, making Solone a one-stop DApp development platform.

  3. Create a functionality for the developers to deploy their Solana contracts easily through our website

What's next for Solone

As mentioned earlier, this is not the end for us. Initially, we only focused on creating a sustainable foundation for this platform with the mission to add value to the ecosystem, and our journey doesn’t end there.

The project has been divided into three phases, with Phase 01 complete we are gearing up to move to Phase 02 and then Phase 03 of this exciting project.

Phase 02:

In this phase we would be focussing on;

  1. Creating a Remix-like IDE for Solana
  2. The IDE will also help the developers in interacting with the contract.
  3. Like any other IDE, we intend on making the IDE's user experience smooth and easy for developers when it comes to debugging.
  4. The last step of this phase would be to simplify contract simulations.

Phase 03:

In this phase we would be mainly focussing on the following;

  1. Integration of off-chain decentralized services.
  2. Providing users with smart contract analytics along with their smart contract alerts.

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