I was inspired to learn about Godot because I wanted to try something new, and there was a Bitcamp workshop introducing Godot. I have used Unity before, and I really like making games so I wanted to give Godot a try.

What it does

In its current state, the game has a simple scene layout. It contains a player character that can be moved with the 'w', 'a', 's', 'd' keys, a sword attack that can be used with the 'space' key, and a roll mechanic that can be used by pressing 'k'. There are some grass objects that can be cut down and some basic bat enemies that are easily defeated by the player character's sword attack. The AI for the bats were not programmed before submission.

How we built it

This game comes from a tutorial series about making an 2D RPG game using the Godot engine. I followed along with the tutorial series to get comfortable with the Godot editor and the Gdscript language. Godot Tutorial Series

Challenges we ran into

Some issues that I ran into was the adjust to the new Godot editor. I am used to the Unity editor, but I have mostly only made 3D-simulations with it. Adjusting to the Godot 2D-engine had a bit of a learning curve.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud that I was able to learn something new with Godot. I am very interested in game development and plan to continue the project past the Bitcamp submission deadline. I'm happy that I was able to program some game mechanics along with some slick animations that look very good in the context of a 2D-game.

What we learned

This project reinforced the idea for me that game development is a very long process and requires an indie developer to very good at many different things other than just understanding the code. I did not even make the pixel art/sprite sheets for this project as it already takes a lot of time to code the features of a game and connect it all together.

What's next for SoloGodotRPG

I plan to watch the rest of the tutorial series and then make more levels for my 2D RPG. I want to add more game mechanics like upgrading stats to help players engaged and to make them feel like they are becoming more powerful as the game progresses. I would also like to take a stab at making a boss enemy for the game to add some variation in the game play.

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