- Mission

  • SoloQueue aims to help several League of Legends players improve their gameplay and rise through the digital ranks to professional glory (or close to it). It takes information from Riot Games from past matches and analyzes performance throughout the games, and based on performance, it assembles a set of instructions for player improvement in key gameplay categories. SoloQueue aims to eliminate the need for costly gameplay coaching from professionals, who potentially charge hundreds of dollars for their services, and to make the ranked league environment much more competitive. Players will also not have to struggle through various "How to Get Better" videos on YouTube or Twitch to figure out how to improve at the game either. SoloQueue puts all the information each unique player will need on one easy-to-read screen. League is also known for having a mindnumbingly toxic community, which is also addressed through this app, as now players have no justification for telling their teammates they are "bad" or "noob" or "should uninstall the game." There are 75% of players who fall into the bronze/silver category of the solo queue ladder, which is a huge number if you consider that League has 27 million players who log in daily. SoloQueue aims to reshape the ranked League of Legends environment and community completely and will increase the competitive standard substantially because improvement is much easier to access.

SoloQueue. Lose better.

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