Young minds learn best when taught in an interactive fashion. Also, they love to hear animated voices more than ordinary human voices or even Alexa's voice. Our skill considers these factors and presents a character, Finn, for them to explore countries and learn about festivals with. The skill is targeted towards 3-9-year-old children. The skill is designed in a way that childer can learn on their own, or parents can invoke the skill and walk through it with their children.

What it does

Once the user launches the skill by saying, "Open Adventure Time," he/she can use it in two ways -

The interactive mode that helps them learn about festivals. Interactive mode of exploring countries and learning about them. If the user wishes to explore a country, Alexa randomly selects a country for the user to explore or explore one of the user's choice. If the user wishes to learn about festivals, Alexa randomly selects a festival to learn or starts with one of the user's preference. Our primary goal is to teach children while playing an interactive game cause we believe that how they learn best.

How I built it

We built the backend using AWS Services and the VUI (Voice User Interface) using Alexa Skill SDK. All the data consumed in this project is hosted on the AWS S3 cloud service, and all the testing/monitoring is done using AWS Cloudwatch.

Challenges I ran into

Extracting content and structuring it in a way that makes our skill flow naturally and keeps users interested was a significant challenge.

What's next for Adventure Time

We are planning on adding more interactive chapters, so the user had a more extensive range of countries and festivals to choose from, and we want to expand the skill to include sections that similarly teach basic maths and science. Also, visuals are more appealing than just plain audio, and for this, we are planning on incorporating APL(Alexa Presentation Language) in our skill.

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