Our team wanted to make it easier for people to be safe from covid-19 by avoiding crowded spaces. To be solo is to be without covid, and Solo No Covid makes it easier for people to stay healthy by enjoying their personal space in public places.

Our team addresses the general challenge hosted by HopHacks, Use of Google Cloud - Use any Google Cloud product - COVID-19 Hackathon Fund hosted by Google Cloud,Healthcare Hack hosted by Siemens Healthineers, and Application to Support Philanthropic Goals hosted by Bloomberg.

What it does

Our project addresses the challenge by showing the crowded-ness, mask requirement, and sanitizer availability of the nearby public places so users can make a decision about their comings and goings in order to stay safe.

How we built it

Our team uses Google Map SDK to show the map on Android, uses Google Place API to show nearby public places (currently it only shows nearby restaurants; however, we can add more options in the future), uses BestTime API to show crowded-nesss (busyness), and uses Firebase to store user account, mask requirement, and sanitizer availability.

The web-app also uses Google Map and Google Places API.

Challenges we ran into

Free version of BestTime API has very limited API calls and it only shows the busyness of the public places; however, we want to show the exact number of people. Meanwhile, we are new to Firebase and Google Map SDK, so it won't update mask requirements and sanitizer availability. We cannot identify whether mask requirement and sanitizer availability are real or fake based on the user account. Meanwhile, we don't have any animation during the sync, so the slow API calls may look weird.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We can use Google Map SDK wisely.

What we learned

Don't make an Android app during the hackathon if we don't have a professional Android developer.

What's next for Solo No Covid

Update mask requirement and sanitizer availability in real-time with Firebase. Add more details about the places such as business hours. Solve Async problems smoothly. Add more public places shown on the map. Improve UI. Add a camera feature to check mask requirement and sanitizer availability using Google Cloud Vision API or our own retrained models with Tensorflow pre-trained ResNet image classification.

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