Welcome to Sollinky!

Sollinky allows you to create your own community token, connect it to Discord, and give your tokenholders exclusive access to Discord channels, content, and anything else gated behind the token.

Community builders can create tokens priced on a custom bonding curve. Currently we support presets for a constant price curve or a quadratic curve. We intend to expand support for different curve types like sigmoids and also allow for complete customization of the curve to support more use cases.

Once the token is created, community builders can associate the token with a Discord role and gate content behind that role.

Community members can buy and sell tokens and connect their wallet to the Discord community. Sollinky dynamically adjusts Discord roles as tokenholders buy and sell tokens with the bonding curve.

How we built it

Sollinky is a web application built with NextJS + Tailwind to manage your community tokens and a Discord bot which allows you to manage connections between tokens and roles and connect your wallet.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge was syncing data across Solana, Discord, and the web application. Each has its own way of storing and typing data and syncing Discord Role information and token holdings was a huge challenge.

What's next for Sollinky

We'll be releasing the first community token for the Sollinky Discord next week which will give you exclusive access to the beta. Look out for an announcement at sollinky.com!

In the future, we see community tokens as a better way to engage with your community. Whether it's getting early access (steep bonding curve to reward those who minted early), using community tokens as event tickets (fixed price bonding curve), or speculating on which communities are going to explode (sigmoid bonding curve), Sollinky allows you to manage the end-to-end process of building and being in communities.

Sollinky will be the community protocol, allowing you to sync token ownership with not just Discord but other services that community builders can provide to their superfans.

We're also looking for community builders to try Sollinky! Shoot a mail to kevin@sollinky.com.

Built With

  • graphql
  • nextjs
  • react
  • solana
  • tailwind
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