• Reshmi Ranjith
  • Vincent V
  • Saloni Shivdasani
  • Megan Tran


In these lonely and confusing times when many of us are stuck at home, often far from family and friends, and with our regular lives thrown into disarray, it’s hard to stay positive and take good care of ourselves. SoliTogether reminds you that though it’s difficult, we’ll get through this together.

What it does

Our website aims to keep you productive and positive. At SoliTogether, you can set up daily task to-dos and get resources on how to keep yourself occupied and supported when you’re alone. We also have a collection of cute gifs that can calm you down during stressful moments. You can also sign up to receive daily messages from SoliTogether, to get kind, supportive messages or reminders to your phone every day.

How we built it

  • Our frontend is built with React and CSS.
  • Our backend is built in Node.js with Express and Mongoose.
  • We used the Axios library to connect the two through API calls.
  • We used Google App Engine to host our server and Google Firebase to host our client website.
  • We used the Twilio APIs to send motivationg SMS to users.

Challenges I ran into

We ran into some challenges learning how to make API calls in front end code.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud that we tried new things and learned a lot during RowdyHacks. This is the first time we wanted to use the MERN stack and we were able to accomplish that while learning a lot. We are proud that we were able to create something together even in this difficult time.

What I learned

We learned a lot more about CSS and Node while working on this project. We learned how to use Axios to be able to connect the front and backend.

What's next for SoliTogether

To make SoliTogether better for supporting people, we can add more resources and different categories for users. We want to add more functionality to the tasks module by adding the ability to repeat tasks on a daily or weekly basis and setting a reminder at a certain time. We also plan on adding message alerts for city warnings and important news.

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