Solipsist is pretty much my personal experiences gathering together. Philosophically, everything I've thought out about reality being a manifestation of our mind coming together with the creative power of the players in shaping their surroundings. I actually came upon this idea while watching Donnie Darko. The Liquid Spear, or the intention energy beam as you can find in this scene from the film link is in fact a question I've raised in my head seeing people walk and drive around in lanes. This defines the idea of space in the simplest terms.

What it does

Allows the player to interact with grids spanning in every direction as they see fit. The grid changes colors and ripples when the player shoots at it.

How I'll build it

Unity engine for VR environment. Project heavily uses Vector Grid package, which was built on 2D but was used 3D in this case. In the design iterations, it will be as minimalistic as possible to better emphasize the creative abilities.

What's next for Solipsist

1 Music - allowing beats to match the grid ripples.
2 Object manipulation to better simulate the gravity effect on the grid universe.

Built With

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