It was a task given to us to create something using SolidWorks that was based around a vehicle and that had a functioning component. We decided that a car would be an optimal choice and instead of creating a funtioning roof or something along those lines, we could create a steering mechanism. To top it off, we decided to use one wheel at the front. This was largely to create a distinct design that had not been seen in a while and was more interesting than a standard 4-wheel system.

What it does

The car is meant to be a model, however, if 3D-Printed, the car would move as that was the original intent of the project. The steering mechanism would also function properly without the aid of any changes to the printing.

How I built it

My group of 4 and I, came together to create this project. Wetook roughly a week to just not put pen to paper, and simply search around the internet for inspiration and ideas so we don't create something basic and simple, but something with a distinct appearence to it. Then we sat together as a team, and with the help of OneNote and a few computers, we wrote and drew out ideas for the car. Once we had a general look, the hardest part was left, which was the dimensions. We had to make sure that we planned out every single possible dimension that needed to happen so that there was no confusion when we all individually made our parts and put it toegther in the assembly. We had to ensure that we took care of every length, depth, width, radius, angle and all possible interconnected parts.

Challenges I ran into

There were a few challenges like every group project has. For example, one of the group members got very sick and had not shown up to any classes for weeks. This caused a disruption as he would not attend any meeting and there was not much we could do about it. Moreover, another member had taken a reduced class load and was also not in most classes. This made communication very tough, along with an already brutal course load. We got around this by having everyone send their parts to me and I could check if there were any problems and we starte to slowly put al the parts together in an assembly file. Although this took a long time, we did find errors and they were easy to solve as we knew where they came from and it was simple to send it back to the person to fix.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We got our grades back which was based on funcitonality, design, and creativity. We achieved a grade of 100%.

What I learned

I learned many new things about working in a group environment and I learned a lot of neat tricks and functionality revolving OneNote and SolidWorks.

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