Here´s the whole story:

This project started thinking in one of today´s main social problem; Poverty and short economy development. An amazing number of almost 65% of Mexican people live in poverty (INEGI,2015).

We investigated that poverty in Mexico is strongly related with a non-growing economy that is being affected by the low economy growing in PyMEs entities, these entities represent the 99.8% volume of economic entities in the country, 42% of the national PIB and no less than 78% of formal jobs in the country.

It’s clear that PyMEs represents an important chain in the economy stability in our day, so, we used this knowledge to link this low growing economy to the stagnant PyMEs economic volume.

Our solution model is to incentivize PyMEs entities with an app that makes a personal promotion to every user in order to motivate and facilitate the participation of being part of this functional economic model as a client or customer.

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