During times that are tough, we are strong belivers in the power of human solidairty to overcome these hurdles. As many parts of the world are advised to stay at home through the stay at home order, we decided to build a website that would bring us all together.

What it does is a membership based platform to communicate and request/offer services. In the homepage, you are presented with the various facts and figures about the current COVID-19 outbreak. The user will be able to view/list services. Anything from offering spare resources to freelance jobs. Using the Talk2Me feature, the user can also choose to communicate with other depending on personal preferences and likings. This feature allows people to still make connections even though you are home.

How we built it

The site runs on a flask server which deploys out our front-end along with a featured REST api to handle our database calls. Since our focus was prototyping we decided to use TinyDB, considering it was fast, small, and worked well enough for our purposes. The front end was built out of pure html, css, and javascript.

Challenges we ran into

The integration with our website was hard to get running espically since we had to deal with new server side js which we did not deal with before.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we got most of the backend to integrate and an elegant looking front end.

What's next for Solid

Solid is far from over in terms of ideas we have for it and development. Launching it on a GCE instance and integrating more features which would help our users is the goal. We want to convert into a mobile application. This is make Solid easier to use and portable. We wanted to include google home integration but were not able to do so. Asking the google home, "Ok Google, Do me a solid" Will send your request/service to the website and list/pull from it.

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