I wanted to begin working on SolePlan in order to try and have a lot of planning options in one convenient place. I chose Discord as many check and use Discord every single day for social or educational purposes.

What it does

SolePlan is a bot that mainly works through direct messages between individual users. By first registering for SolePlan in the server it is in, it will send a DM allwing you to start scheduling events. You can schedule events, view all events, delete events, and check what events you have planned for today!

How we built it

I used Pycharm as an IDE to create a python script that interacted with the Discord API to manage the Discord bot and using the same script, I made a connection to a google sheets through the google cloud API in order to store and manage the data even if the bot disconnects.

Challenges we ran into

Connecting the script to and bot to Discord was a challenge at first in addition to connecting both to the google sheets as all three parts had to be in working order for any output to be produced. Managing the data correctly in google sheets and transferring the data from lists to strings back and forth was also quite a bit to manage.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud that I got the bot in a working order as all three parts, the script, Discord API, and google API all worked together in order to have interactivity on the end of Discord, and have it store the data effectively on the google sheets.

What we learned

I learned how long setting up just the framework of some projects may take and need to factor that into time constraints in addition to the implementation of my actual ideas.

What's next for SolePlan

I was hoping to implement a lot more functionality into the bot such as interaction with other Discord users to schedule events together as well as add more ways to schedule such as fitness, budget planning, and mental health reminders.

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