What is Sole Guardian?

Sole Guardian is a browser based simulation game that puts you in the shoes of a single parent trying to make ends meet. Based on the experiences of some of our team members who grew up in single-parent households themselves, this game aims to shed light on the harsh realities of living in poverty with no support.


A twist on "idle" economy games like CivClicker, Cookie Clicker, and Candy Box, Sole Guardian focuses on resource management. Your child is growing, your savings are shrinking, and rent is looming around the corner. Throughout the game, players face tough decisions that require trade-offs between your time, money, health, and your child's well-being.

Do you pick your child up from school on time, or will you strand them there for an hour so that you can finish an extra shift at work? Do you order cheap takeout for dinner, or will you shop for groceries and spend the time to cook a healthier meal? These choices are only the beginning.

As the game progresses, players find themselves faced with surprise expenses such as car breakdowns, roof leaks, and illnesses which mess with even the most cautiously planned budgets. Players must expect the worst and brace themselves for the inevitable.

The challenges within this game are real issues faced by real people every day. Do you have what it takes to support your child until they reach adulthood? What kind of parent will you be — and what sacrifices are you willing to make?

Our Team

For three of our five members, this was our first hackathon ever! When we first came to Unhackathon, our team consisted of two developers, one designer, one waterboy, and one person for "moral support".

We've all come an incredibly long way in the last day and a half and couldn't be more proud of each other for the progress we've made: Our two developers quickly taught themselves AngularJS through a series of tutorials and helped everyone else get up to speed on the HTML/CSS framework so that the whole team could make meaningful programming contributions.

We all had a blast and can't wait for our next hackathon!

Next Steps

The AngularJS/Bootstrap framework that we built the game on made it easy for everyone to program new game events regardless of experience level. There are a few exciting game features that we've built a foundation for and are in the process of fleshing out:

Government Support (Welfare) System -- receive some extra assistance if you earn below a certain amount of money...but you'll have to put up with snide comments made by ignorant people who see you using it at the supermarket.

Job System -- if you constantly go to work tired, your performance will be noted and you might get fired, forcing you to quickly search for a new job (with the possibility of a lower salary). Alternatively, you could get a raise for good performance...but watch out, a slight raise in salary might make you lose any welfare benefits!

School System -- a neglected child will start failing classes and getting into trouble. Instead of just playing with your child, you can help them do their homework and teach them that education is important.

Health System -- an extra twist on the decision between fast food and homemade meals has you worrying about health beyond how much sleep you get. Consistently eat unhealthy food and you'll get sick, possibly having to take off from work.

Sole Guardian is still a work in progress, but we plan to continue working on the game after Unhackathon. Stay tuned for updates by following us or liking our software on ChallengePost!


If you would like to view/add to our code and contribute features to the game, visit our github page and submit a pull request!

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