Currently, we are hosting so many programs and simulation sessions and hundreds of users are using our solutions every other day. But we are not keeping touch with them after they experience our solution one time. So the idea is to connect with them after the session and offer them to join some social community where they can continue their learnings beyond the 1 hour / 1 day / 10-day experience. In this community, they can share their learnings from the session and also learn from others. Also, a smart system / bot (from KNOLSKAPE) will be monitoring this community and try to engage the users with good content on a regular basis.

As an example, once the participants have completed a simulation / program in AL, they will receive an automated email with an invitation to join the community (a Facebook group / Slack channel / KNOLSKAPE community). Once they join it , the bot will start sending content to that group to engage them. If the community is active enough the bot will not interfere, else it will try to come up with interesting content / poll etc to engage the users.

The benefit of this system: Users will know about our products / solutions better and spread the word of mouth thereby leading to more business. We will be able to cross-sell our other solutions to the same user group after a certain point of time. We will have better analytics about users interest , which will enable us to reach to HR guys for repetitive business. We will have a good platform for collecting feedback from real users which will lead to better product planning.

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