I have the opportunity to study these little insects and discover that they are distinct behaviors. The wealth of wisdom I saw with the soldier-ant was something that I needed to tap into. I saw teamwork, tenacity, resilience, and determination in my study and I feel doing a game on that will be great.

What it does

This epic game mimics the soldier ant colony as each colony fights for food. Colonies go in search of food and can engage other colonies in a battle to get food already collected by another colony. This battle can sometimes bring some colonies to extinction. Colonies that won the battle for food becomes the target of other colonies.

How we built it

Building this project took a lot from the team. the research, the tech needed to bring it to reality. Firstly, we have to design the flow of the game. Secondly, a smart contract that handles the game logic since it is a block-chain based game. Thirdly, The front-end was designed. Furthermore, The backend was integrated with the front-end using ethers.js. Other integrations like the chainlink Randomness, Chainlink Automation, sequence wallet, Quickswap for easy acquisition of Matic for game character purchase. Testing and re-testing were done, and finally, the smart contract was deployed to Polygon PoS Testnet (Mumbai) using the QuickNode RPC. All characters in the marketplace and collaborator's characters were saved to IPFS / Filecoin using the NFT.Storage.

Challenges we ran into

Creating blockchain games was something new to me. calling chainlink randomness to get random hits to make the game non-deterministic wasn't easy at first. The random transaction keeps pending but it paid off at last. Still thinking about how to make it a multiplayer game. Automation had errors too. i received the "Submit registration request". But I drilled myself and got it working. in set a time-based automation and a custom automation as well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of I don't know that I can implement one of my passive studies into a game. The idea came in a flash and I wish to take this game further. I am enjoying every bit of this adventure. The integration of custom-based automation wasn't easy based on the algorithm I want to implement. Furthermore, I had issues with but am happy that it worked with the help of support.

What we learned

I learned chainlink randomness, Automation,, used quicknode for the first time, and some new technology that I have not used before in web3.

What's next for Soldier-Ant Colony

Beta testing, Community awareness, more soldier-ant NFT collection, Launch on Mainnet, Metaverse 3D

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