In an aggressive alternative-energy market, environmentalism is on its way to privatization and monopolization. Solar energy prices in the United States are three to four times those of global solar prices. The reasons for this economic dichotomy are costly installation & bureaucratic processes. These costs make up roughly half of the price of a solar installation.

This traditional process of implementing solar panels is cost prohibitive. SolarShare provides a solution that makes solar energy affordable, accessible, and communal. Multiple homeowners fund the project collectively, putting enough panels for each home onto one array. With only one installation cost, the recipients of the installation can save thousands of dollars.
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What it does

SolarShare connects community members to make solar energy more accessible.

How we built it

The SolarShare prototype is built as a web app with HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript.

Challenges we ran into

Figuring out the structure of this service was time-consuming and difficult. The full implementation of this service requires multiple channels of communication between clients and third-party vendors.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

SolarShare is a unique service that does not exist yet in the solar energy market. The principals behind it are viable and it can demand a significant market share. SolarShare provides more customers to large solar companies while increasing accessibility to solar energy.

What we learned

The solar industry is confusing to consumers. The high-costs and complexities of companies like SolarCity can scare away potential solar users. SolarShare reduces these costs and simplifies the process of shared solar energy.

What's next for SolarShare

For SolarShare to proceed, it needs a development team to passively connect all clients with third-party suppliers. When set up, SolarShare will democratize the solar energy industry.

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