What it does

Our SolarPi device logs data energy from solar panel inverter, write to block chain and claim solar coin. It also transmit data to our API! This makes the data accessible for mobile and laptops for the owners. In addition, SolarPi also stores SolarCoin! This makes it secure for the users as they have the physical wallet with them, not in a cloud service where user have to trust the agencies.

How we built it

RaspberryPi is used to power the SolarPi, the API is written in Ruby on Rails, which potentially can be made into a web app! Ionic is used to write the mobile apps,

Challenges we ran into

Security challenges. These data can be potentially spoofed. What we found out later is that monitoring companies and inverter produces already have these data logged, therefore it is easy to check when something looks out of place. Energy production data can also be checked from neighbours; the differences should not exceed three percent.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our product is functional! What we described above are perfectly working!

What we learned

We learned a lot about Solar Coin and the community behind it. The potential it has in affecting the whole solar energy users and how it can turn into a very smart investment.

What's next for SolarPi

We aim to produce our device and sell it to solar energy users making Solar Coin accessible to all!

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