The modern world thrives on green energy. Vancouver has especially seen a push for sustainable, renewable energy. As a team of 4 electrical and 1 computer engineering students, we hope to jump on this trend as we attempt to provide solar energy. Using newly gained information on electric circuit theory, power systems and a heck of a lot of elbow grease, we aim to implement a fully automated sun-tracking solar panel.

The target user will be the average environmentally responsible citizen; those who think long-term, people who like to track the amount of energy they save by using this tracking panel.

In addition to tracking the sun, we hope to track the amount of energy is saved by using this device. The tracking data will be interfaced on a Swift-made Apple app.

We are most proud of the teamwork and effort we exuded during our very first Hack-a-thon. Aside from these, some individual achievements include: learning Swift and about APIs, using the elusive Spark Core, and the rigging of an accurate sun-tracker.

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