Two developers and one idea guy walk into a hackathon…..

Our inspiration to participate came from comradery formed while spending time together at Dev Bootcamp. We were passionate about embracing ambiguity and trying something new together. With merely pure faith we entered the SunCode Hackathon with an idea and 100% trust in one another’s abilities.

We all believe that renewable energy can revolutionize the world. What better way to contribute to solutions that reimagine our relationship with the planet than by being participants in an event dedicated to pioneering a new future.

What it does

SolarLite is a global platform that leverages community & rewards to give homeowners the power to create a brighter world.

How I built it

The programming work was divided between Lupita and myself. Anthony was in charge of coordinating ideas and finding other cool design ideas. I worked mainly with backend, following a RESTful/CRUD app design. I used postgresql to show some proof of concept, but creating a functional database for every feature proved to be too much work in the allotted time.

Challenges I ran into

Our group struggled to hone in on what would become our final MVP. Ideas kept getting tossed around, and after talking with some of the mentors the morning of the hackathon, we completely changed direction. While we feel that this was the right decision, it made the past week of planning feel in vein.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are all very proud of the entire groups effort, everyone put in 110%. Having only three people (two developers) and successfully deploying a proof of concept is an amazing feeling.

What I learned

Stick to a plan and cut off feature production earlier.

What's next for Solarlite

We want to create a lot more functionality with our product. There were so many features we were unable to finish that we had to cut because of time.

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