We need to solve the climate change, and solar is one of the most promising aspects in it currently. However, we need slight changes in our ways of using energy in order to achieve it with current technology.

What it does

Makes it as easy as to possible get solar electricity power from your housing company and using solar appliances when there is solar power.

How I built it

Service design, MVP mindset, static HTML templates to build on.

Challenges I ran into

Time running out - however, by having MVP I have the most important use case implemented.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Understanding the real problem worth solving and with it, being able to contribute to battling climate change. With current technology with no energy storage, we need to use more all the solar while there is sun and assist people to do so.

What I learned

Design thinking, service design, web UI design, interaction design, using Bootstrap

What's next for Solar Leap

Make it even easier and intuitive to run appliances in the delayed and timed style. Secondly, for the app to show suggestions where the user could use electricity in an even wiser way. All of this as automated, discreet and easy as possible.

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