How it started:

We wanted to find a way to bring a VR Headset in every house. That meant we needed a way to have Cheap & Powerful VR Headsets.

What we knew before:

We knew we could leverage on distributed computation (eg: Golem) and we knew about the Virtual Land Mania (Decentraland + Sandbox + Roblox). We also knew about DeFi Performances (

How it's going:

So we decided we were gonna build a Spherical Virtual World (The first ever in the blockchain industry) and we would have offered its VR Computation for free to users, using platform's DeFi, hypothetically powered by fees on Transaction Volumes of Land Owners, that would lose nothing if we kept the fees as low as Uniswap, that would help the world in which they own Virtual Land by simply trading on the virtual world's DEXs and making their Virtual Land hypothetically more valuable.

So the Game-Theory & the Tech were all checked. (It's like a Decentralized Google Stadia powering a Spherical Decentraland (actually more than that, we got a Persistent Mode and a Survival Mode, so more like Decentraland + GTA Online) that pays for the computation of the Decentralized Google Stadia through Network Fees, that works, in principle)

So we started designing the Virtual World and we used the Goldberg Polyhedron as the base for the structure & we made it so that Land Owners could unlock Virtual World's Volume, in Height, only by paying fees (Paid using the Community Token) to the DAO of the Virtual World, that would have used those fees to pay Creators & Developers Algorithmically.

We started to build the world and an interactive demo in XR, and we coded a Goldberg Polyhedron where each Face is a node in a Connected Graph so that we could easily run Dijkstra's algorithm for various applications. (Play2Earn War & Strategy Game)

It was kinda hard to come up with a solution to minimize latencies in Cloud Computing but a Universal Game Engine is more than a fitting solution. It will be useful long before the internet infrastructure (5G / 6G) enables for a VR Computed Game in Real Time because any Game Dev will be able to create their own games and monetize them however they want, with no limitation (OpenSource Permissionless Engine)


Using the Goldberg Polyhedron Architecture for Virtual Land made us realize fast that we discovered something much more valuable to the entire Civilization. Goldberg Polyhedron Voting Systems Architectures. They fully enable the flawless coordination of billions of people. We got into and started expanding the team. We grew a Discord Server to 14k Members, showing the community cares about what we wanna do.

What we learned:

We learned more about XR development and how to make in game users create and place objects inside the game we learned more about the Solana ecosystem and what we need to use for our infrastructure. (What we learned? Reality is likely a simulation & we should decentralize it.)

What's next:

Start building a website with an NFT marketplace and a playable in game demo and an interactive Solarity's Goldberg polyhedron updated to the tiles new owners.

Start building the 3D VR World, expand the storyline by creating a P2E experience and create partnerships with NFT projects and other protocols to build their own XR experience inside Solarity

Start working on building XR and Solana toolkits for a Rust based game engine, and build SDKs and tools for users to create their own NFTs, games and experiences inside Solarity

Start prototyping the VR Standalone Headset and make it 3D Printable with DIY Electronics to have a Create It Yourself DevKit For Solarity.

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