It is too hard for people to imagine the universe. In order to provide a real experience for people to see the scenes in space and stimulate the interest to learn about the universe. We created an educational playable VR application that enables you to travel and feel the real scenes in space.

What it does

We created an educational playable VR application that enables you to travel in space, land onto planets and complete special missions and revive the attacked earth. During the trip, you will also learn a lot knowledge about every planet. The knowledge is presented with beautiful text and attractive audio. As You Wish is a Virtual Reality application that empowers you to interact with your surroundings by controlling your spaceship by voice and shooting the objects by hand controller.

How I built it

We built it by Unity VR and delivering it by android, used C# to write the code and built the models by maya and blender. We built a whole solar system by calculating the rotation and revolution periods of the planets. We also built a laser in the game mode to shoot the monsters. We designed different specials missions for different planets including shooting little monsters, going out of the maze and find the moon for you to collect.

Challenges I ran into

It was the first time we learned unity and make VR application and our first time developing it for Android. Originally, the gazing direction in the phone can't change with the movement of head. Then, we use gyroscope and built a distinguisher between mouse motion and CardboardHead. To enhance the user experience of virtual reality, we used the voice recognition system to control the movement. Also, to build lively object models, we learned to use maya and blender.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

1.A complete educational and playable level with VR 2.We built the whole solar system by complicated calculation. 3.We used the voice recognition system to control the movement. 4.We built it with beautiful object models, attractive audio and animated text to enhance the authenticity of the user experience. 5.We designed a story to save the earth in the application. We let the users to land on planets, complete different missions and learn the knowledge of space.

What I learned

We learnt how to build a VR application on mobile phone by Unity, how to use the voice to trigger events, how to build models by blender and maya. We also learnt how to work as team!

What's next for SoLaris

We want to add Kinect and Leap Motion to enhance the user experience.

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